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Welcome to Westwood Cocktail Innovations

Longest lasting smoker ever.

At Westwood Cocktail Innovations, we take pride in creating the greatest cocktail smoker. Although the bar industry has had issues in efficiently creating smoked cocktails at speed. We believe we have solved this issue, finally, the speed in which your smoked drinks will get to your guests will impress everyone who sees them. With over 400+ burns per each smoker, the quality of our smokers and our care for those who use them, will show with every use.

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Exceptional Products

Here at Westwood Cocktail Innovations, our products are created with the highest quality materials and assembled with the most advanced techniques available. From ideation through execution, we are proud of everything we produce here. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied with our products just like all of our past customers. Check out our selection below.

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Westwood Smoker


Almond wood 16oz

The Westwood Smoker. This is the fastest Smoker that instantly smokes drinks in three seconds and works table side. Even servers can smoke drinks in front of guests. These smokers are made from reclaimed whiskey casks. As the wood is American oak it is dense hardwood that has soaked for years with whiskey. Made to last for over 400 burns. Making it the most efficient, longest lasting, most durable, also at $29.99+tax. It's most inexpensive smoker in the world.

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These are freshly made wood chips. We make our chips thin and long. So that they give maximum performance for smoking drinks!

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Pecan wood 16oz


Mesquite Wood Chips

Just in time for Pecan pies this fall. These are freshly made wood chips. We make our chips thin and long. So that they give maximum performance for smoking drinks!

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Mesquite wood is native to out deserts in the region. Its flavor is common in bar-b-que food. This matches perfectly for impressing people at your BBQ.

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We’re proud to offer high quality products. Contact us today to learn more.

Daniel Westwood

Our commitment to innovation.

Made by a bartender for bartenders!

Mixologist Daniel Westwood our founder was plagued by an issue. How to make smoked cocktails efficient, fast, and flavorful. While doing research for better garnishes for a new cocktail menu. The answer hit him like a brick. All his career he smoked drinks in every different conceivable way. The challenge was to make a smoker that actually works and can be used by anyone. Simplicity is best. While our smoker looks simple. It's packed with different technologies that allow it to instantly smoke drinks with minimal effort. 
Made from reclaimed cask wood. This oak wood is incredibly hard due to being toasted and soaked with whiskey for typically 4 to 8 years. It is dense and can be burned over 400 times. This smoker can smoke a drink in 3 seconds and can be used table side by servers. Not only does it burn wood chips. It has successfully been used to burn herbs as well. This is the answer to smoked cocktails.

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The Westwood Smoker is available for orders.

Interested in placing an order or learning more? Simply reach out today. We are the future of cocktail smokers.

1027 S Rainbow Blvd #352
Las Vegas, Clark County 89145


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